Event Listings

An Event Listing is similar to a News Feed with the difference being that the items in the Event Listing are connected with real world events rather than when the news story was published.

The Concert Diary in the sound section is an example of an Event Listing.


The default view of an Event Listing shows future events ordered chronologically so that the next event is at the top of the list. If there are a large (configurable) number of future events then the listing will be paginated.

When an event is past then it will drop off the list, but you can browse the list of past events which are now ordered in reverse chronological order, ie the most recent event is at the top of the list.

Timing of events

Events can have different accuracies of time associated with them. At the very least you need to be able to say what day that it starts on, but if you have more detail then you can specify the time as well.

If your event runs for a period of time then you can specify the end date and time as well. Events won't drop off the pending list until the end date is past so you still get an accurate picture of what is "current".