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The tech section is aimed at people who want to know the details about the tools that make InForm and other projects work. If you are just looking for us to build you a website, then you probably want to look in web...

Owning (and sharing) your own code is a firm believer in having access to code. We have been fortunate that we own all of the work that we have done in the last 12 years and that it is all available for other people to use.

Using our software and technical partnerships with

If you want to build sites with software then you are more than welcome to.

It is in our interest to generate a situation where we can build and host as many sites as possible so if you want to host your InForm sites on our servers then we would be very happy to help you get up to speed on using the tools, and will be available to support and assist you as required.


  • mirror
    the Object Relational Mapping used to handle the interactions between the java data model and the backend SQL database
  • node
    the site modelling engine that underpins both InForm and bespoke sites.
  • Grid Systems
    node and InForm provide a range of tools to help generate consistent layouts that conform to grid layouts.
    GNTML is the markup language written by to describe the content that should appear in a document.
  • webmacro templating engine
    webmacro is used by node to render the documents that it generates.
  • Technical Thoughts
    a blog of development musings and announcements of a technical nature.

Latest Technical Thoughts

  • 16/06/12 Displaying random pages from embedded page lists using embedded page lists as a pool of potential pages from which we can pick a random page to show embedded in a document with a new random page chosen on each page load
  • 11/06/12 Custom titles controlled by views a new approach to rendering pages that lets view implementations inject functionality into content that appears before the visible output of the view template is actually generated.
  • 04/06/12 Embedded CMS controlled menus InForm can now let you embed a menu structure into any document with arbitrary control as to which pages are included from across the site hierarchy.