Website development with build themed Content Management Systems which enable clients to take as much control over the content and form of the website as possible within the scope of the design. Full editorial control and control of the information architecture of your site enable it to grow as fast or as large as is needed.

The InForm system provides a base level of functionality that gives everything that is required to build and maintain a site providing that the site is purely about providing content.

Content is the most valuable asset in a web site and the investment made in writing and updating this should not be underestimated. InForm provides you with tools to maximise your return and let your content persist through future design alterations and changes to your information hierarchy. A website is not a static thing, and it needs to grow and evolve with your business and we can help provide you with the tools to do this.

If you have structured data that you want your site to represent, or if you want to present some "app-like" functionality then InForm will need extending with custom data types and behaviours. InForm has a very modular structure so it is possible to extend without losing any of the existing benefits.

Using software is a firm believer in open source and will provide the full source code for the entire software stack on demand. However, if people want to build sites with tools then we are happy to host these projects and will assist in the development. Get in touch if you would like to become a technical reseller.

"I have found working with Alex and the InForm system far preferable to other CMS', and the flexibility it gives the client allows for far more interesting page layouts than are easily achieved with other systems. The process from initial grid designs to a working site into which you can put content makes the design process far more transparent, and often vastly more rapid than using other technologies. It makes the process far more open for the client too, who can be adding content as it is styled and therefore they can be far more part of the design process."