Website Portfolio

Here is an introduction to a few of the sites that are built by using our software. Or you can see the full index of all the sites.

Sites built with InForm

The following sites are all using InForm as their underlying engine. The customisations for layout and visual branding are all done via the templating layer, but the hierarchy, content and media are all administrated through the CMS.

  • is a pure InForm site with a tight integration to bandcamp and uses the index support to cross-reference press releases across different parts the site.
  • is a content rich pure InForm site which tracks the live and studio work of the ensemble. The site utilises customisable banners to provide different identies per section, and embedded paypal for e-commerce.
  • is a pure InForm site that campaigns for the release of prisoners from Guantánamo Bay. Fonts are provided by to help generate the strong visual identity.

Bespoke customised sites

These bespoke sites all encapsulate some kind of business logic or other extensions to the basic InForm model. They therefore include client-specific java code to extend the core functionality.

  • is a large bespoke node site commissioned by, scoped and project managed by digital agency Apt that provides a paywalled archive of all stories published in the paper publication of Granta Magazine with supporting online only content.
  • is effectively 4 InForm sites folded into a single hierarchy with a different look and feel for each section.
  • provides an InForm-like editing interface overlaid with the ability to define custom database structures through the CMS to let you build new searchable structured information archives.