Loop Collective

loopcollective.org is a pure InForm site with a tight integration to the Loop Collective Bandcamp account and uses indexing support to provide cross-referenced press releases across different parts the site.

Visual Design
fiennes.org with Dan Nicholls

The site is utilising a single document model with generous margins and the editors have used this to generate a number of different layouts purely within the CMS.

Template layout using the CMS
Embedded rich navigation within the CMS

Artists profiles are all utilising the same layout to provide a consistent feel, reinforced by the photographic style utilised for the images.

Listing pages have been constructed inside the InForm CMS by embedding an automatically generated navigation widget inside the document.

Event feeds to provide concert diary
Tag cloud themed index listing

The dates section provides an event listing of upcoming concerts that people can subscribe to via RSS to be kept in the loop for upcoming gigs by Loop Collective artists.

The press section is utilising an index listing where the different categories of links are scaled according to the number of articles on the site that are contained within the category.


The design of the site was driven quite heavily by an attempt to integrate into the look and feel of bandcamp while preserving the identity of the Loop Collective. We used bandcamp frameworks for fonts and grid dimensions and imposed the Loop Collective site navigation onto the bandcamp generated pages:

"The Last" rendered by InForm
"The Last" rendered by bandcamp

The editor embeds bandcamp players using the CMS' ability to nest external HTML snippets...

...which cross-link into bandcamp pages which function as part of the same system.