Technical Thoughts

Technical Thoughts is Alex's place to announce and discuss programmatic advances in the InForm infrastructure. Posts here will generally be about completed work - if you want to become part of the planning process then we can give you access to the appropriate projects in our redmine project management system - just drop us a line...

  • 16/06/12

    Displaying random pages from embedded page lists

    using embedded page lists as a pool of potential pages from which we can pick a random page to show embedded in a document with a new random page chosen on each page load
  • 11/06/12

    Custom titles controlled by views

    a new approach to rendering pages that lets view implementations inject functionality into content that appears before the visible output of the view template is actually generated.
  • 04/06/12

    Embedded CMS controlled menus

    InForm can now let you embed a menu structure into any document with arbitrary control as to which pages are included from across the site hierarchy.
  • 23/05/12

    Preview login for viewing unpublished pages

    InForm now supports the ability to provide access to unpublished pages without giving out editorial authentication.
  • 18/05/12

    Embeddable RSS Subscribe Links

    GNTML now lets you embed an RSS subscribe link to any of the defined Feeds into any document