Embeddable RSS Subscribe Links

I've just deployed a new GNTML block named the RssBlock which lets you generate a subscribe link to the RSS feed from any of the Feeds on your website.

The system will let you define the following fields:

Target Feed
which Feed is linked to
the optional title of the block
the clickable text in the subscribe link - if undefined then it will use the title defined in the Feed Configuration in question.
the GNTML footer below the subscribe link

Example RSS Block

Click here to subscribe!!!

The trailing formatted GNTML block

Because it is a GNTML block, you can apply all the usual formatting and alignment adjustments to the block giving you control as to how and where it is shown. For example, I have floated a link to the Technical Thoughts blog to the right of this paragraph.

The link itself is tagged as being an RSS link and therefore inherits the styling defined for other RSS links on the site. We are using this functionality on this site to provide the visible subscribe links on the home page beneath the syndicated headings, and as part of the cascading document within each Feed to let people subscribe while reading stories if they want to.

This functionality will be automatically available on all new deployments of InForm and we can upgrade existing sites to include it as required.