Emulsion Festival

The Vortex, London

On May 19th, the first “Emulsion” – FEAT. IAIN BALLAMY - will take place at the Vortex Jazz Club. Everyone has their own take on where the improvised music scene is going, and this mini-festival is an opportunity to hear a few ideas on where it might be at the moment. It has been an honour to have this special group of musicians working with me on this project.

A huge thank you to the PRS for Music Foundation for supporting us and believing in our cause.

I hope this is the first of many Emulsions – there is too much amazing music out there to only put on one! (Just need to get back some energy to attempt my 2nd ACE application for next time… ugh)

I also hope this event brings together some audiences and reminds people of how important it is to challenge one’s expectations and how exploring and listening to new music is exciting, not daunting.

I would like to see contemporary music (whatever its ‘genre’) which integrates improvisation being taken more seriously by those who are in a position to open (big) doors/provide funding for musicians. Too many times musicians are dismissed due to a lack of understanding for their art. Things are changing, slowly, but a lot more could be done… It’s quite bizarre when you consider how much improvising was/is involved in Baroque music, the writing of piano concertos, concerto cadenzas etc etc etc – all those Beethoven piano-offs you hear about…

Anyway, this is my first little step towards this cause – please join us in celebrating it on May 19th!

Trish Clowes