Crepuscular Hour

20th Nov @ Town Hall, Huddersfield

This is going to be a decidedly non-conventional amplification challenge which is very much the way that I like things. This is the UK Premiere of Crepuscular Hour by Maja Ratkje and features:

The 24, RNCM Chamber Choir, University of Huddersfield Chamber Choir
James Weeks
Nils Henrik Asheim
Antoine Chessex
electronics / noise
Lasse Marhaug
electronics / noise
Stian Westerhus
electronics / noise
+ other guests to be confirmed

The piece is being performed with the players distributed around the Huddersfield Town Hall and my instructions are to have the amplification preserve the physical placement of the players as much as possible so we are going to run multiple stereo systems.

Couple this with 70+ sound sources to amplify, one of which being a full size organ, and instructions that the amplification should not be subtle, and I start to think that I am probably going to have some fun...

'Crepuscular Hour is a one hour long piece to be performed in a cathedral or similar, with the musicians surrounding the audience. The piece is written for three choirs, six noise musicians and a church organ. The light design is really a part of the piece, as it is inspired by the phenomena ‘crepuscular rays’ – pillars of light are filtered by the pillars of stone, other obstacles in the room and also the musicians, standing on high platforms. ‘Crepuscular’ is also a term used to describe creatures that are primarily active during twilight, that is at dusk or dawn.'
Maja S K Ratkje