Fiennes Restoration Ltd

Visual Design with Josh King-Farlow

The Fiennes Restoration website provides a bespoke extension of the precursor to InForm, with the addition of a database that models all the Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts cross-referenced by the series that they were utilised in.

The nature of the bespoke parts for antique cars business makes a direct e-commerce solution impractical, but the site lets people generate "shopping lists" of the parts that clients require and then submit this with the chassis numbers to Fiennes Restoration which then opens a channel of communication where the part suitability can be validated and the appropriate items can be machined as required.

The site was originally designed by Josh King-Farlow and then further revisions by Alex Fiennes. The design is using an elastic layout to best use the screen estate for the detailed content that the site provides.