Apex Acoustics

I have been working with Apex Acoustics in Dundee for some time in the sound field, both renting beautiful Meyer systems and purchasing my Digico desk system from them so I was very pleased to be given the chance to deploy a new iteration of their website http://www.apexacoustics.com

The initial brief was to make it easier for them to upload news stories, but I was keen to open up the whole site to being editable and maintainable by the client thereby enabling them to keep it up-to-date with their ever evolving hire stock.

While working on this, it became apparent that having the hire catalogue only available as a PDF download was hard to use, and hard to update so I have added an extension to the GNTML document editing interface that lets clients define structured tables directly inside documents which can be seen in the price lists for the rental stock.

I think that this build breaks new records for me as to the level of complexity that can be achieved in the shortest period of development time, and I look forward to extending some of these techniques to future builds for other clients...

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