Alex Rider

Commissioned By
Apt Studio
Visual Design
Hoss Gifford with Apt
2005 is an information site about Walker Book's teenage spy Alex Rider. Users are encouraged to register and as they read the books they can grant themselves "security access" to the corresponding parts of the site which then unlocks supporting content about that mission. There are currently more than 60,000 registered users on the site.

The presentation of the site was designed by Hoss Gifford and is utilising flash movies to enhance the feeling of logging into a secure facility. worked with Apt to provide a node CMS backend to let the editors update the content inside the flash movies using the same interface that they access the HTML content.

This is coupled with Q-style briefings about different gadgets that are uploaded as standalone flash movies and embedded into the pages.

The site continues to be busy and despite being designed and built several years ago continues to be expanded and enhanced by the editor through the CMS as new books and missions come out.